Agitator is an ongoing manifesto/interview show about cultivating independent artistic success. JDO and Kelby connected over their shared admiration for the work of Takashi Miike. Over the first hundred episodes, they discussed anime, manga and Japanese cinema with rappers, filmmakers, and writers. The show is now focused on bringing you the tools on craft and business necessary to develop your career as an independent artist. “A glorious mess of Japanese cinema, bro-down book chatter, hustle culture and the harsh noise of raising children… Agitator has become its own aesthetic.” -Iain Ryan

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7 days ago

The mystic juggalo weebs J. David Osborne and Kelby Losack are joined by screenwriter, author, and Mutual Aberration Society host Ryan Jackson to discuss 2023's Netflix anime ONIMUSHA, directed by godfather of the show, Takashi Miike and based on the Capcom series of video games.
We discuss: the Agitator sound board, slur buttons, how Koreans say "I," Nick-r-Treat and '90s commercials, Programmed to Kill, Subliminal Jihad, Programmed to Chill, the life and music of XXXTentacion, Do Every Thing Wrong! by Jarett Kobek, Island Boys selling their souls and kissing each other, gates of hell, Miike's career trajectory, Yakuza-run production companies, the Capcom video games ONIMUSHA is based on, which Japanese emperors were the best aka the worst, why is Oda Nobunaga always a villain in Japanese media?, identifying as samurai, vikings as the white samurai, the ONIMUSHA movie that never happened because Heath Ledger died, how we feel about all the Miike touches in the ONIMUSHA anime, why ONIMUSHA stans are mad about the anime, lore nerds, writers against plotting, filmmakers who are painters, are Takashi Miike and David Lynch each other's yin and yang?, why AI is not a threat and how to either use it or not care, paint-by-numbers critics, why Star Wars is best in video game form, utilizing the unique aspects of the medium in which you are creating in, the history of samurai and western cross-referencing, idea vs execution... and this is all within the first hour. We made this one free as a reference point for what Agitator is all about. It's a good hang, it's a comedy show, it's craft and hustle talk, it's anime obsession, it's esoteric, and it's uninhibited. Best podcast in the world. Check out our books, short films, bonus and uncut episodes, book club, and exclusive private Discord access at 

Monday Nov 27, 2023

On this episode, JDO and Kelby discuss Danny Brown’s new 10/10 masterpiece Quaranta and JDO’s new GFNB novel, A War in Heaven.
The guy from Salem takes naked selfies, why would anyone want to be a writer?, the Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz album is great, Pitchfork sucks, JDO reminisces about being 26 and hearing XXX for the first time, a trip to the DMV, AOC’s mixtape, the lamentational aspect of Quaranta, taking responsibility for your fuckups, Beyonce is better than Jay-Z, the Grinch on a Harley, the Grinch is trans, off-beat rapping, the Huzzah! posse cut, Wunderbread, knocking out crackhead aunties, sighing on the throne, what’s the point of all this?, JDO vs. really nice guys, Face Tattoo Americans, Danny’s fucked up tooth, the desperation at the end of XXX, War in Heaven talk, Kengan Ashura, slowing the books down a bit (even though they’re still really fast), JDO’s body of work, “in the moment” writing vs. storytelling, the success of Kelby’s first workshop, girls named “Sierra,” poop disaster, drilldo homage, fighting an immortal giant baby, being a writer is just trying to answer impossible questions, Cyberpunk 2077 vs. Ringu, getting backstories on the characters, writing dumb characters, Agitator is in War in Heaven, freestyle books, and JDO’s haters still admit that he’s a good writer

Thursday Nov 16, 2023

This episode is dedicated to Grant Wamack. 
We're talking our favorite version of TMNT, plus some history of the franchise as a whole while Kelby's oldest son Rowan watches and provides live commentary on the 2012 Nickelodeon series. Also: ancestral memory of war symbols, history of darkness in Ninja Turtles, getting weird on a budget, making the case for fan fiction, David's Donatello novel announcement, writing workshops, parenting, and more. Full episode at - $5/month gets you full access to the uncut episodes, the private Agitator Discord, and bonus content. 

Thursday Nov 09, 2023

Agitator is a freestyle audio novel, a modern retelling of the Rocky Balboa story starring two mystic juggalo weebs.In this chapter: we're talking Team Salvato's 2017 freeware visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club! with author, game writer, and homie E Rathke.Is it as scary as people are saying? Does it live up to the hype? Who is the target audience for a twisted interactive horror novel/dating simulator starring kawaii anime schoolgirls?We also talk a lot of s**t that would throttle the SEO (in other words, it's a banger). Listen to the full chapter, watch the video version, gain Discord access, and support us as independent authors, publishers, and filmmakers by pledging $5/month at E Rathke's Substack:radicaledward.substack.comAnd buy his books:Amazon

Thursday Nov 02, 2023

Dir. Shinya Tsukamoto
with John Wayne Comunale
We're talking Houston's most interesting bathrooms, pervasive erotic breathing and the frame-by-frame humanity within Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Tsukamoto's obsessive production process, endlessly developing interpretations of the film, juvenile show-crashers, insurance policies ruining movies and movies ruining friendships, on-the-road book sales and the convention circuit, the independent artist grindset, meat space vs online audience, the problems with "doing it for the love," writing with audience in mind, meat and potatoes (???), redneck parking, Dungeons & Dragons, and more. 
Keep up with John Wayne and cop some books, music, drip, and more at
Full episode and video available in the $5/month tier on

Thursday Oct 26, 2023

We have the homie Wren back to talk every Resident Evil CGI film: Degeneration, Damnation, Vendetta, Infinite Darkness, and Death Island. We're talking RE tropes, best fights, the benefits of these CG films over live-action, which ones we loved and which ones we hated, AND, we come up with a banger Resident Evil sequel plot of our own that nobody will be ballsy enough to make happen but if you do, you owe us money. Making this one free for Halloween, but if you enjoy what you find here, there's a lot more going on at

Thursday Oct 19, 2023

FULL EPISODE ON we have Robert Dean, incredible writer and longtime homie, to discuss Kensuke Sonomura's 2022 film Bad City as well as Bobby's essay collection Existential Thirst Trap.Also discussed: faceless fame, writers whose advice is better than their books, Arnold Schwarzenegger, "what would Miike have done?," energy flow dance fighting, adventures in gay porn and speaking sex toy gigs, Brian Keene, "The Economy of Sin," Bobby's essay that is too dark to find a home for, diversity in meritocracy, Broken River getting kicked off Publishers Marketplace, Israel and Palestine, and lots more tea-spilling, name-naming, and sauce-dripping on all things writing, publishing, and promoting.Follow Robert Dean on IG @literallyrobertdean

Thursday Oct 05, 2023

**full episodes are exclusively on**On this episode:
The current state of the film Mass State Lottery
Endlessly tinkering with creative projects
The origins of LowRes and Hans and what happened to their political podcast
Impressions of our exclusive look at the Omega Fish Corp. script + insight into how differently it translated to film
How AI is good for independent artists
Aftermath of the WGA strike and our honest opinions on the whole thing
and more!
Follow LowRes: IG: @lowreswunderbred X: @LowresWB Follow Hans: IG: @hansicandos X: @Hwordname Subscribe on YouTube @LowResWunderbred ...and Patreon & check out forgottengenres.comTrack list: "Devil Ass City" by Z-Ro "Ghetto Boys" by That Mexican OT

Thursday Sep 28, 2023

We're talking MD Geist and MD Geist II: Death Force with Wren Collier. Mostly, though, it's a music episode. We know you love those. So do we. We wish death upon irony and get real genuine in this conversation about keeping it cool, 80s action movie aesthetics, our HOT TAKES on AI art and writing, and - dawg, there's so much in here. Stop making me type these descriptions, go sign up at in the Agitator Z tier to listen to the whole thing, enrich your life, and be an all-around more fulfilled person. 

111 - Samurai Champloo

Friday Sep 22, 2023

Friday Sep 22, 2023

***All new episodes will be Patreon exclusive*** this episode:
Best beat producer tags, Cyberpunk DLC, where we're each at with our next books (both late), Rhyd Wildermuth's Here Be Monsters and why Marxists rub Kelby wrong, the return of magic in a godless world, intersectionality and the dilemma of wokeism, Samurai Champloo, Pirates of the Carribean, The Bear, A Knight's Tale, boat life, modern day Conservative Christians, David trips about time, remembering Josh Hartnett and Shannyn Sossamon, the new Alien movies are tight, book tours and promo ideas, the trickster archetype, continued hype on Elle Nash's Deliver Me, writing dangerously, and more.

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