Agitator began as the real-time documentation of street-bred novelists fighting to get it out the mud while cutting up about anime and developing a craft manifesto along the way. Having established an independent multimedia company that is taking off, the show is now where these two mystic juggalo weebs freestyle stories live each episode and bring behind-the-scenes perks to their paid subscribers. Jump in.

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19 hours ago

We gon need a bigger stable for all this horsin' around. The Rare Candy boys join Kelby in mourning our brother JDO, who has gone off to his celestial Mormon heaven as depicted by Terrence Howard. 1x1=2. Snow on Tha Bluff. Haircuts with your mom. Meth lab on Zillow. Sam Forster's bestseller is just a throwback meme from 2016. The ending of The Sopranos. Tubi Originals. Playing like you hopped off the short bus. Thizzed-out Elvis in Dresland. Favorite dog breeds. Rare Candy Boba (trademark). Be sure to listen to Rare Candy on all podcast platforms and sign up at for a steady fix of book club discussions, insightful essays on health and better living, original fiction pieces, and more. It's the best thing going on the internet right now, trust me. 

7 days ago

Shouts out our boy. All love.

141 - 97 Fingers

Thursday May 09, 2024

Thursday May 09, 2024

We're freestyling the concept and premise of a sprawling sword & sorcery/survival horror epic, after we diagnose the problems of today's youth, eulogize Steve Albini as much as he deserves it, pontificate better ways to approach open-world gaming than the endless side-questing and modifying, and discuss our favorite shows a little bit. Like this? Sign up for free or get bonus content for $5/month at Learn more about our writing at 

140 - Kendrick Sucks

Wednesday May 01, 2024

Wednesday May 01, 2024

We kick off the show talking shop and breaking down pretentiousness as laziness, then move into the current state of mediocrity in rap music and what makes Kendrick one of the worst to ever rock the mic. Also: who dissed Drake best? And "can I say it?" We miss you, DMX.


Thursday Apr 25, 2024

Thursday Apr 25, 2024

Back to our roots of being avant-garde dipshits. Give us guala at and learn more at

138 - As the Gods Will

Thursday Apr 18, 2024

Thursday Apr 18, 2024

On this episode: Miike's 2014 high school death game film As the Gods Will + when one of the greats shows up to make something mediocre + the swinging pendulum of brilliance + perfect CGI + craft talk re: character development and form vs formula + what would've made this movie better + AN AGITATOR FILMS ANNOUNCEMENT ++ NEWS ABOUT THE IMPENDING SUMMER FOR THE SHOW.Support the show and get a bunch of bonus content at

Thursday Apr 11, 2024

Very special interview episode today with ADR (English dub) anime director/producer/writer Shannon Reed of Sentai Filmworks. We get into the nuts and bolts of what it means to direct anime and what all goes into the dubbing process, from rewriting to match mouth flaps to pulling the perfect performance out of voice actors and everything in-between. We also talk balancing fun and hard work, Star Wars, Shannon's personal journey into anime, and more. Check out the HiDive streaming platform:
Follow Shannon Reed on IG @thearcadeprince
Discover your next favorite anime at
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Wednesday Apr 03, 2024

Today on the show, we have Jeremy Bronaugh, author of When You Bleed to Death, to discuss processing trauma through art, anime of the '90s vs today, technology going too far (or not far enough), prose vs plot, the Road House remake, the best Easter movies, Poor Things, pop culture reflecting culture, raising kids, and so much more. This one's a banger. Check out the audiobook of When You Bleed to Death narrated by Kelby here: follow Jeremy on IG: @jeremybronaughwriter
As always, to support the show and gain access to bonus content, go to

Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

Are dinosaurs real? How much dope they be selling at Crayon World? How come when people invent a new fuel source or cure cancer with vegetables they "suddenly aren't with us" anymore? Should people be mad about the New Demons anthology? Is writing a business? What's next for the Agitator boys? All these questions and more are answered on... this episode. Support the Agitator project and get a more in-depth experience at Find out more on the Broken River crew at

Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

Agitator boy Kelby was flying solo holding it down for the Broken River crew at Ghoulish Fest in San Antonio. Shouts out Max Booth III and Lori Booth for the hard work throwing and promoting that; there was a major turnout of locals ready to buy weird and fucked up books. On this special boots-on-the-ground episode, Kelby is chopping it up with author (and psychiatric professional) Michael Tichy bout the fest, his new book The Winnowing Draw, and Kôji Shiraishi's shot-on-video one-take horror film A Record of Sweet Murder. 
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