We invite the third wheel of our bromance tricycle, author Lucas Mangum on the show. Our first guest! He's very nice. Kelby and I don't deserve him...

On this episode, we talk about Fudoh, which made Time Magazine's "10 Best Films of 1997" and features a woman with both penis and vagina who fires deadly darts from the latter. People melt! Heads explode! Amazing strip club music! Sounds like classic Miike.

Subjects covered:

Gore effects, translation, responding to author reviews, Make Your Own Damn Podcast, what is happening vs. how it happens, Ace Ventura jokes, hermaphrodite sex scenes, and diversity as a party vs. a shopping experience. How would you write a book version of a movie like Fudoh? What’s the purpose of reviewing anything now? Is there even such a thing as a “good review”?

The podcast Lucas hosts with Jeff Burk is called Make Your Own Damn Podcast. It's about Troma films, and it's really good. You can follow that link or learn how to search for podcasts in your podcatcher. I have faith in you.

Lucas co-wrote the Fulci-inspired The Final Gate with Wesley Southard. Buy that shit here!

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