In this episode, David incorrectly states that he is done with Twitter forever. What is a man if not his posts? What is a man to do, at home alone, caring for his only child, if not scroll the TL? These questions I ask you.

I ask you to ponder them. Should a man work with his hands? Should a man create in his spare time, to bring forth his inner light? Should a man ponder the inner workings of his mind, whether he is becoming more machine than man, whether he thinks, therefore he is?

I ask you to consider the hell of our own making. I ask you to consider that black scrying mirror into which we all gaze and ask yourself, what am I? What indeed have I become?

We also talk about 1998's Pornostar, about an autistic guy in a big coat who stabs the dogshit out of yakuzas because he believes in himself. There's also skating and Paul Wall (I think).

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